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Welcome to Wolf-Fire. If you’ve found your way here you are committed to investing in yourself, your greatest asset. Excellent! The instructors at Wolf-Fire are happy to help you develop and expand your firearm skills. Nicolle loves introducing new shooters to the exciting world of firearms; like driving a car, firearms are a tool that, with some instruction, you can become very comfortable and competent with.


The more you learn and practice, the more technical and advanced you become. Wolf-Fire’s instructors are skilled and experienced in advanced tactical techniques for individuals and groups. Private lessons are available and tailored to your specific level and interests. Along with adult classes, we are able to offer classes for kids and youth who wish to learn basic firearm safety and marksmanship skills. 

Wolf-fire was the dream of Dave “Wolf”. Dave was a true servant and dedicated his life to protecting others and helping others learn to protect themselves and their loved ones. Dave proudly served in both the Army and the Air Force. As Combat Search and Rescue, Dave was an expert in all things firearms and survival. While Dave is now rejoicing in the glory of God, his legacy lives on through Wolf-Fire. Nicolle was Dave’s partner and also a veteran of the Air Force. Nicolle is honored to carry on leading Wolf-Fire and her unique female perspective is a great addition to the firearm community.  


At Wolf-Fire our instructors are always continuing their own training to be able to bring new techniques and drills to you. 

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